Soil and Landscape Grid
of Australia

The SLGA has been updated - see below for details.

Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia

Researchers from across Australia have joined together to develop detailed digital maps of the country’s soil and landscape attributes.

The Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia provides relevant, consistent, comprehensive, nation-wide data in an easily-accessible format.

The datasets are a first approximation (version 1) of national scale maps designed to be updated and improved over time as resources, new data and improved methods and technologies become available.

The Soil and Landscape Grid provides a range of soil and landscape attribute products.

Using the best available data from existing databases, new sensor measurements and novel spatial modelling, the Grid presents fine spatial resolution (3 arc-seconds or approximately 90 x 90 m pixels) digital soil and landscape attribute maps. Included in the data are estimates of reliability. These maps are consistent with the specifications of the GlobalSoilMap project and the data are managed as part of the Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS). View the maps or explore the soil and landscape attributes in the ‘Product details’ menu above. You can also download the data in different ways through the ‘Get the data’ menu on this website.

All products developed by the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia are available at no cost under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY) and users should read the Disclaimer.

Whats New

Soil Attribute Updates

Recently, with suppport from TERN, the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia has been updated. As was always the design intention, when new data becomes available or new modelling techniques are developed, that might potetially improve the SLGA products, the available data is reprocessed to generate new and improved output products.

The new GlobalSoilMap compliant products that have been added to the SLGA suite include pH (Water), Drained Upper Limit, Lower Limit, Cation Exchange Capacity, Coarse Fragments, Organic Carbon Fractions, Soil Microbial Biodiversity and Available Phosphorus.

The existing SLGA products that have been updated include Organic Carbon, Clay, Silt, Sand, Available Water Capacity and Depth of Soil.

Summary information about how these products were produced can be found HERE.

Data Now Available as Cloud Optimised GeoTIIFs

As well as the previously available SLGA data access methods, the SLGA products and the raster covariate datasets used to produce the soil attribute rasters can now be accessed as Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFS (COGs). Have a look HERE for examples of accessing COGs.