Soil and Landscape Grid
of Australia

If you are a coder/developer there are some utilities you might find useful.


SLGACloud is a package for the "R" programming language that allows you to easily acess metadata information about the various SLGA data products.

The package is available on GitHub -

To install the package in R


when it is installed you can take a quick preview of the functionality using


SLGA Raster Products Web API

This API allows you to access metadata information about the SLGA raster products and drill pixels of SLGA raster products at a specific location to return values.

The swagger documentation for the web API is located at -


List the availble query parameters -
Filter products and show metadata information -
Get a raster pixel value at a specific location -

R Package

Lauren O'Brien has written an R package "slga" that allows R users to easily access and extract the SLGA raster datasets. The "slga" package offers the ability to download geographic subsets of raster data from the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia.

The package can be downloaded from Follow the instructions in the Readme for installation details.